Sedgwick County Wichita 2002 Intergenerational Month Proclamation

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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WHEREAS, in many cultures, the older generations play an extensive role in the nuturing,
education and support for the family, with high levels of interaction and respect; and
WHEREAS, this ‘‘intergenerational’’ approach has helped to shape the beliefs and values of
succeeding generations, building bridges between generations, and recognizing the value older
generations have in molding the lives of our youth; and
WHEREAS, through ‘‘intergenerational’’ support, people of different generations share their talents and resources and support each other in relationships that benefit both the individual and their community; and
WHEREAS, there are unlimited intergenerational opportunities within families and the
community, connecting generations through communication, celebrations and education, providing future generations with an appreciation for rich cultural heritages, traditions and histories.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Ben Sciortino, Chairman of the Board of
Sedgwick County Commissioners, do hereby proclaim May 2002 as ‘‘INTERGENERATIONAL APPRECIATION MONTH’’ in Sedgwick County and encourage citizens to recognize the value of bringing together different generations as part of daily life, so we can enjoy and benefit from the richness of an age integrated society. Commissioners, what’’s the will of the Board?””
Commissioner Winters moved to adopt the proclamation and authorize the Chairman to
Commissioner Norton seconded the Motion.

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