The Council of Elders ~ Our Purposes

Our Purposes:

To provide advice and guidance to the community and to organizations serving the community, for the betterment of the community. To act as a sounding board and a resource for community issues, and to offer reasoned solutions to problems.

Founded in 2001, the African American Council of Elders ~ Wichita/Sedgwick County is a collective made up of concerned elders from our community, who have come together for the express purpose of sharing what we’ve seen and learned to help our community grow stronger. We act as an advisory board, offering guidance and leadership on issues affecting our community. We are here to instruct, and advise, to guide, to assist, and to correct when needed. We are involved with the youth of our community, and the schools, and with other existing organizations wherever and to whatever degree possible. We represent vintage leadership and a community resource – meeting with youth, presiding over community celebrations, mentoring current and future leaders, representing the community with public officials and so much more. We have decades worth of connections throughout the broader community and embody a tremendous network of resources. Collectively, we represent over 1,500 years of experience and knowledge. We are here to be of service!

  1. […] outside of  Los Angeles. From March 23rd, Byard will present the program to participants from the African American Council of Elders in Wichita, Kansas. How did they hear about Dr. Byard? Via Facebook, of […]

  2. Wanda F Hunt says:

    As we are forming our board and preparing to open our doors. One strategy we need support in would be referrals. We plan to knock on the doors of Holy Savior, Urban Prepatory (spell check) Schools, & USD259 Neighborhood Schs, as well as other organizations asking them to consider us AS another tool fie those individuals/families that they know are struggling BUT they are really sincere, doing everything YET they need ‘ a lil something more’? That would be Jeda Mase Support Service Institute.

    So I would LOVE to know more of The Council of Elders

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