Meet The Elders!

Past Presiding Elder and Founding Member Jihad Talib Rounds-Muqtasid

Jihad Talib Muqtasid – 1st Presiding Elder for the Wichita Council

Jihad Talib Muqtasid (born Jerry Thomas Rounds) was a founding member and the first seated Presiding Elder for the African American Council of Elders ~ Wichita/Sedgwick County. Born in Belzoni (Humphreys County), Mississippi, he left there as a small child with his six siblings when his parents made a midnight “escape” from an unfair sharecropping situation.  After being raised in Memphis, Tennessee – he joined the military and ended up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he met and married his first wife.  They later moved to Wichita, Kansas where he raised his children following the early death of his wife.

Although he worked until retirement for the Wichita Board of Education, Jihad was always an advocate for black self-determination and entrepreneurship.  He opened and ran several businesses in Wichita, including Munchies and the Central Avenue Candy Store and Game Room.  Later, with his family, he opened IQRAA African American Books and Gifts – an oasis of black knowledge, literature, progressive thought and cultural pride.

Baba Jihad, as he was affectionately known, was passionate about leaving a legacy of accurate and critical knowledge for all youth and families.  Notably, he implored all of those who were blessed with his wisdom to: “KNOW THYSELF!”  He encouraged the reading and studying of history and knowledge of contemporary literature, culture and politics.

It was with great pride and humility that he took on the mantle of the first Presiding Elder for the Wichita Council.  He believed that the Elders are accountable to the ancestors on whose shoulders they stand, and should embrace the responsibility to provide wisdom and guidance to all those following behind them, for whom the Elders must lay a clear path based on wisdom, integrity, gratitude and purpose.

To this we say: “Ashe!” We are pleased that Baba Jihad has found his place among the ancestors.

Queen Mother and Founding Member Genevia Holloway

Elder Genevia Holloway has called Wichita her home since 1955.  She is married and the parent of two sons.  She is a retired aircraft plant employee and an active member of Tabernacle Community Church who enjoys sharing her faith, in the church, in the community and through her outreach work with incarcerated youth.  She is a valuable asset to the Council via her ongoing community involvement, her humble willingness to serve where needed, and for the practical wisdom she is always willing to share.

Elder Carl Juan Shackleford and Founding Member

Elder Carl Juan Shackelford was born in Okemo, OK but has resided in Wichita for nearly 60 years.  He is married with two children and seven grandchildren, and is a retired substance abuse education and prevention specialist.  He is passionate about parenting education and sits with the Council in order to learn from others and to “serve with purpose.”