Introducing our Newest Elders

On December 26, 2018, the African American Council of Elders seated 10 new Elders and recognize 9 new associates and scribes, during the 7th Community Enstoolment and Kwanzaa Celebration, hosted by the Council of Elders, the Wichita Griots, and the Wichita Branch NAACP.  And in keeping with our belief in a thriving village, this ancient old tradition took place at McAdams Recreation Center, 1329 E. 16th St. N., Wichita, Kansas.  These select sets of Enstoolees were nominated with the belief that they will carry on the expansion of the Council’s four focused initiatives. These initiatives were designed by the community in a series of Village Roundtables: Education, Family Strengthening, Health and Wellness and Economic Development. 

New Elders

Letitia Brown, Gretta Samilton, Anyanwu Cox, Gregory Robinson, Charles McAfee, Sylvia Kelly

Associates Elders who moved to Eldership 

Regina Roundtree, Maaskelah Thomas, Carl Shackelford, and Viktur Atughonu

Known as our foot soldiers within the community our new Associates and Scribes

Ernest Cox, Marcela Martinez-McNett, Joaquin Martinez, Ellamonique Baccus, Randy Barbour, Autumn Black, LeSean Tarkington, Johnetta Toodle-Tarkington, Marche Fleming-Randle, Anita Nance

“Traditional African communities would not have functioned without the day-to-day input and guidance of the grandparents and elders. This group serves as the trunk of the spreading tree. The roots of the tree are the ancestors; the trunk is the foundation for the offshoots and branches — ever- growing families and offspring, the new generations.

Interdependence, or the custom and conviction that a group of people are dependent upon each other for the basic needs of life, serves to fuse and harmonize the community. Elders are a necessary and integral part of any functioning African American community. African American Elders councils exist in many selected cities and communities across the United States. This phenomenon has a longstanding tradition.” ~ The Council of Elders, Howard County, USA

In 2001, the African American community in Wichita, Kansas seated its first ever Council of Elders – The African American Council of Elders ~ Wichita/Sedgwick County. The Wichita African-American Council of Elders, is a collective made up of concerned elders from our community, who have come together for the express purpose of sharing what they’ve seen and learned to help our community grow stronger. They act as an advisory board, offering guidance and leadership on issues affecting our community. They are here to instruct, and advise, to guide, to assist, and to correct when needed. They represent vintage leadership and a community treasure – meeting with youth, presiding over community celebrations, mentoring current and future leaders, representing the community with public officials and so much more. Collectively, they represent over 1,500 years of experience and knowledge. The ELDERS are the jewels of our community!!

The Griot Drummers celebrate New Elders